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"Not All Blockchains are the Same" with Avalanche

Jun 13, 2024


On June 13th, join* GBBC for Episode 2 of our educational webinar series, "Not All Blockchains are the Same," powered by Accenture, Algorand Foundation, and Digital Asset.

This series is designed to cut through the hype and provide a clear understanding of various blockchain technologies, exploring their development, unique features, and compliance capabilities.

In Episode 2, we will dive into the Avalanche network, an open-source platform for launching custom blockchains for any use case, including decentralized finance, private financial institutions, and compliance-enabled enterprise applications. Avalanche is powered by a novel consensus algorithm using repeated random sub-sampling for speed. Its built-in interoperability and scaling mechanisms allow seamless communication and transactions across hundreds of thousands of blockchains.

*This closed-door meeting is only for regulators, government agencies, and international standards organizations. Register interest below. For any questions, please reach out to