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GBBC Virtual Members Forum with Powerledger

Apr 21, 2022


GBBC member Powerledger develops software solutions for the tracking, tracing and trading of renewable energy. One of the major transitions occurring in the blockchain industry is the transition from proof of work to proof of stake blockchains with Ethereum being the highest profile blockchain to do so. Similarly, Powerledger is undergoing just such a transition to better serve its customers with faster transactionsand more efficient energy usage.

Join Anya Nova, from Powerledger’s Blockchain Development and Staking Operations, as she dispels the myth that blockchains are bad for the environment. Anya shares insights from Powerledger and the cutting edge technology built for a sustainable future, that also aims to reward the POWR token community.

About Anya Nova:

Recipient of the 2019 Australian Blockchain Leader of the Year, Anya works as the Blockchain Development & Staking Operations lead. Anya has presented at premier blockchain and energy conferences, including Consensus in New York, Event Horizon in Berlin and World Energy Congress in Abu Dhabi. At Powerledger, Anya is driving the development of TraceX, a spot market for trading tokenized Renewable Energy Certificates.

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