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GBBC Virtual Members Forum with Kruger Corp: "Block and Roll: Making Blockchain Technology Adoption Easier for Businesses"

Nov 12, 2020


Join us on the GBBC Virtual Members Forum for a presentation and Q&A with Kruger Corp on making blockchain adoption easier for businesses.

From the start, making blockchain technology adoption easier for businesses has been a big challenge. From validation of the use case to development of the solution and operation, Kruger Corp is committed to working alongside businesses to ensure that blockchain technology delivers the expected results and impact, and ultimately works towards changing the world for the better.

Join us for a conversation with Kruger Corp, one of the most recognized technology companies in Ecuador, on:

  • The methodology behind developing the business case for blockchain technology

  • Their platform that enables users to get applications up and running within days, and allows businesses to focus on the business case rather than the technical specifications of implementing blockchain technology.

This webinar is part of the GBBC Virtual Members Forum, a biweekly webinar series showcasing the innovative work of our members around the world.

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