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For Non-G7 Regulators and Government Agencies: Growth Markets Regulatory Council Meeting

Jun 07, 2024


All non-G7 regulators and government agencies are invited to join GBBC’s Growth Markets Regulatory Council (GMRC) taking place on Friday, June 7th at 5:00PM EAT | 4:00PMCEST | 10:00AM EDT.

GMRC is Co-Chaired by IFC-Milken Insitute Capital Markets Scholars alumni Kefa Ngoiri of the Capital Markets Authority (CMA), Kenya and Ime Ekong of the Securities and Exchange Commission, Nigeria. Through this monthly meeting, we hope to promote the importance of common frameworks and harmonization, especially when it comes to ensuring consumer protection and responsible innovation for economic growth.

This meeting is only for non-G7 regulators, government agencies, central banks, and international standards organizations. Contact GBBC below to express interest in joining.