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Digital Economy Breakfast with Moody's

Jun 25, 2024

Location IconNew York, NY, USA

Moody's presents its first in-person event on Digital Finance and Digital Asset innovation in New York, where GBBC CEO Sandra Ro will speak. This event will delve into a broad range of topics commencing with a fireside chat addressing regulations, their impact on digital cash and influence on digital finance, we will delve into the transformative capabilities of distributed ledger technologies and artificial intelligence, and explore opportunities, challenges, and significant risks in the digital ecosystem, including cyber risk, presenting effective mitigation strategies.

Sandra, alongside Paloma San Valentin (Moody's Ratings), will uncover the outlook for digital cash, the potential shifts in the traditional financial ecosystem, and analyze the interplay between security and commodity classifications of digital assets on the panel, "Navigating the digital finance landscape in the US." Learn more below.