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Digital Impact and Governance Initiative - Panel on Digital Payments

Jun 23, 2020


The coronavirus pandemic has highlighted how obsolete payments systems are undermining the ability of countries and communities to respond to crises. Even in advanced economies such as the United States, individuals are waiting weeks or months for public benefits checks and struggling to send funds to loved ones. Deploying the next generation of digital payments systems could unlock innovative responses to major crises, and programmable money might prove the foundation for everything from direct transfer payments from governments to individuals to smarter strategies for fiscal stimulus. These systems could also create privacy and geopolitical challenges as different standards and systems spread around the globe.

The next edition of Transformation, an online events series hosted by New America’s Digital Impact and Governance Initiative (DIGI), will focus on the future of digital payments systems. We’ll be joined by a world-class roster of policymakers and technologists who are working to build and deploy solutions that could shape the global payments landscape for generations to come. Join us on June 23rd at 10 am to participate in this important conversation.