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Currency Research's Payments, Innovation, and Technology Week

Sept 26, 2024

Location IconLondon, UK

GBBC's Senior Managing Director, Financial Services and Head of EMEA, Emma Joyce, joins Currency Research's Payments, Innovation, and Technology Week. During this week, two conferences take place: the Digital Currency Conference and Central Bank AI Conference.

The Digital Currency Conference focuses on the technology and design aspects of both central bank and private digital currencies. The conference brings together policymakers, regulators, and technology, and innovation experts to network and discuss all aspects of digital currencies.

The Central Bank AI Conference focuses on a central banker’s perspective on future applications of artificial intelligence, be it at the central bank or institutions under the central bank’s regulatory purview. The conference brings together central banks, regulators, financial services, and FinTechs to explore how AI affects central bank operations, regulations, research, and policy. Learn more and register below.

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