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Blockchain Central during WEF

Jan 25, 2018


Blockchain Central will be the premier venue at Davos for all things Blockchain. From January 22nd through January 26th, Blockchain Central will be the destination for VIP cocktail hours, curated roundtables, technology demonstrations, and partnership facilitation related to Blockchain technology. Located directly outside the secure perimeter of the Congress Center next to Hotel Ameron, the lounge will be seen by thousands of participants in the World Economic Forum meeting each day. Inside, we will bring together the leading voices in this groundbreaking field to create unmatched opportunities for innovators to collaborate with policymakers and business leaders. Blockchain Central will allow partners to engage at the highest levels and explore how Blockchain technology can facilitate more stable and efficient solutions for challenges facing companies, institutions, and society.

Join us for an extraordinary week as we bring together the unparalleled reach and insights of the Davos community with the unlimited potential of Blockchain technology.